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International recording artist, poet and songwriter. Originally from Italy he has been living and performing succesfully in many places (New Orleans, Los Angeles, Dublin, etc...) and has always ben faithful to his free spirit and to his dreams, regardless matter how hard and dangerous the life of a true artist could be. Being totally committed to music and poetry since his adolescence days, he refuses and criticizes all conventions and illusions of provincial people and society. He rightly considers himself a citizen of the universe and just like a modern wondering minstrel his destination is wherever his music will take him. His true family and friends are his timeless songs and all those who love and support his art. Shiny's songs have many musical influences and styles, from  rock to blues, from psychedelia to classical and oriental music. His lyrics can be quite philosophic, melancholic and romantic and at times be wild, bitter and ironic. Shiny Glide (originally Antony Venneri) is a not only a seeker and a lover but also a drifter and an adventurer and he choosed his charismatic stage name because he is totally in love with albatross and seagulls enlightening, free spirited and majestic glide.Transparence, creative freedom and inspiration are his major prerogatives in his music and his life. As an independent artist, he keeps giving all of his time, heart and soul, to his benevolent, timeless and prolific muse. Here is what Shiny Glide still has to say to his worlwide fans, "I am always ready to travel and to play somewhere new and I am looking forward to touring internationally for the joy of sharing my art with my worldwide wonderful fans and for the vital importance and glory of true and good music in the world."


You can contact Shiny Glide at





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