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Shiny Glide is here and there and everywhere, whenever you can rise your eyes, your spirit,your heart and soul above and  bejond  the wounds and the weights of your crazy mind and time and  world. ,Shiny Glide is a bird, a man,a poet,a singer,a musician who became and keeps becoming the music he makes.The albatross is his only friend,his spiritual mother and father,the endless reason for his song,,for his sigh,,for his most divine tears and smiles. The albatross enchantes the poet and  teaches him to dance with elevation and light  and be one with the music he makes and  let  that music guide and inspire the journey of life, and let that music be the shiny glide...and music like life in its highest  essence and flight ,is nothing but a shiny glide. So now be proud you found the right cloud in the right sky to celebrate the King of the Air:Shiny Glide.


 Shiny Glide Reviews

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