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Young Dream

2014: Young Dream (14 Song Album) by Shiny Glide

Songs Included: Blue Unicorn, Fly, Lucky Star, Young Dream, I Want Christine, Voice of Fire, Art of Silence, Sweet Freedom, Shame on You, Pink Oblivion, Respectable Snake, Psychedelic Heaven, Fortune Wheel, Mistic Migrant.


Pink Clouds

2012: Beware  (14 Song Album) by Shiny Glide

Songs Included: Wise Dreamer, Fearless and Naked, Caribean Girl, Beware, Bad Man Walk, Advice for the Young and Tender, Maybe I'm a Bastard, Into the Blues Again, Demons, Inner War, Sensual Song, Full Moon Eyes, Spiritual Harvest, Surrender to Me.

safe_image (5).jpg
I Am

2009: Pink Clouds  (12 Song Album) by Shiny Glide

Songs Included: My Dear Stranger, Young Again, Hey Frank, Karmic Laziness, Psychedelic Smile, Brown Sugar, Sexy Muse, Ego's Trip, Friends, I Love Life - I am Life, Naked in the Universe, Old Child.

 2016: I am (14 songs album)

 Songs Included: Blue Caress, Dinosaur bone, Universal Love, Inner Ocean Those Never Ending Worms, Summer Song, I am, Evolution, Jasmine, Alive Forever, Solitary Soul, Wasting Time, Charming Glide, Elevate And Shine.

Songs From Venus

         Innocent Moon

2005: Songs From Venus (12 Song Album) by Shiny Glide

Songs Included: The child I Used to Be, Let Me Kiss Your Wings,

Thrill, Erin, Saxophone of Light, Those Never Ending Worms,

Mines of Joy, Parasite of My Heart, Wounds of Time, Princess,

When We Made Love, A Smile And A Tear, Heaven Song.

2019: Innocent Moon (2 singles)    

Songs included: Innocent Moon, Divine Shelter     


         Where are you now

Shiny Glide - Insomnia_edited.jpg


2019: Where are you now (2 singles)    

Songs included: Where are you now, Gravity of Love    

2019: Insomnia (single)

Song included: Insomnia

Shiny Glide - Infinity is on my side.jpg

        Infinity is on my side


No Chains

2019: Infinity is on my side (single)

Song included: Infinity is on my side

2020: No Chains (single)

Song included: No Chains

Shiny Glide - Dare to be reborn.jpg

 Dare to be reborn


 2020 Dare to be reborn (album)

 No Chains, Queen of blue, Epic Song, Women on fire, Dare to be reborn, Infinity is on my side, Where are you now, Insomnia, Timeless, Shiny princess guitar, Still Mad, Transparence, Soldiers of love, Splendid, Innocent Moon, Divine Shelter


 2020 Sweet Eternal Walk (album)

 Sweet Eternal Walk, Cool Cat. Rebel, Eat and drink and sleep and shit, Blue Lion, We're all in the same world, Butterfly Revelations, I've got the right, Criminal on the run, Clown Tears



 2021 I'm still a seagull (album)

 Iìm still a seagull, Gardens of Ecstacy, Secret World, I've seen it all before, The Hermit, I love Silence, Pink Sunday, Magic Child, Someone is in Someone is out, Angels Calling, Innocence Exists, Who Needs Enemies



 2021 Richest Man on Earth (ep)

 Gravity of Love, Chancer, Don't let the devil steal your crown, Richest Man on Earth


lunatic romantic.jpg

 2021 Nocturnal Flight (album)

Nocturnal Flight, In Danger Of Extinction, Sexy Priestess, Kissing You All Over, Black Sheep, When You Call My Name, Welcome To The Carnival, Celestial Friends, King Of Patience, Golden Days



 2022 Man And Woman (EP)

 2023 The Best Has Yet To Come (album)

The Best Has Yet To Come.jpg

 2022 Lunatic Romantic (album)


 2023 Still Hungry (ep)


 2023 Albatross Song (album)

ShinyGlide - Albatross song.jpg

 2024 Soave (album)

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